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Madeira is a perfect place for family trips with unique landscapes, unspoiled nature, a true trekking paradise and gastronomy heaven.

Global Prestige

Madeira Islands were named the best island tourist destination in the world six times in a row.


Madeira was the essential destination for Kings, Empress, world leaders and distinguished artists. But it's most notorious for the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo. (CR7)


Madeira Islands sit between Morocco and Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean.
The distance from Casablanca to Madeira is 876 kilometres.


Madeira is a pioneering destination in the fight against Covid-19. Ranked among the Safest Destinations in Europe, it combines safety and leisure to offer holidays with peace of mind for travellers seeking escape, discovery and relaxation.

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This digital promotional entertainment quiz is generously offered to our business contacts established in the United Arab Emirates by the Official Madeira Promotion Bureau.
The Madeira Promotion Bureau aims to promote Madeira as a tourist destination to consumers, focusing on the travel trade.

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