Bounce back with a safer,
healthier, smarter business

Build a better normal during the pandemic and beyond. Create business and social environments that employees and visitors trust, through future-ready touchless access systems and COVID19 prevention solutions.

Reduce the risks of COVID-19 in your workplace, retail & events space

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Must-have safety solutions for organizations today

We design, innovate and manufacture leading-edge smart touchless access systems packed with the most crucial features businesses need to minimize touchpoints and therefore reduce the spread of illness on site.

These include face recognition and registration, temperature measurement, mask check, traffic management, proper risk assessment and other tools that keep you and your organization future-ready and safe.


New Generation of Sanitizers

SIAS 360ยบ

New Generation Touchless Access System

PLM is a trusted prevention solutions provider for 43+ years across 6 countries

Keep your organization extra-safe
from COVID-19 now

Build a healthier, more empowered business and help create safer, more productive communities. Know how touch-free COVID-19 prevention technology can help you today.