Besides masks, head temperature guns pointed to our heads became the iconic images of COVID19.

These icons can last for generations, something that we don’t want for the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. As World Health Organizations and global scientists community advance in the fight for this pandemic, we are also responsible for working on Prevention as much as possible.

The consensus among medical experts is that temperature checks are an essential measure because fever is one of the most common symptoms of the COVID-19.

Infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD Senio Scholar at the John Hopkins Center, revelled at Health Magazine that temperature checks may identify some Coronavirus cases.

Fever measurement is one of the crucial countermeasures that we have against the spreading of the virus, together with washing hands, social distancing, mask compliance and widespread testing,

These are the most effective tools in minimizing the global spread, and none should be discarded. The World Health Organization’s guidelines suggest that thermometers can be part of a broader strategy, where data collection can be of extreme importance.

Our hardware and software teams at Prevention Innovation Lab have developed an array of solutions to tackle these problems, with smart and touchless, systems, like SIAS ( Smart Integrated Acces System)

SIAS combines all the features above and keeps a continues investment in its groundbreaking SIAS 360 software with powerful device management, with visitors and attendees interfaces, risk assessments algorithms, traceability capabilities, and limitless integration.

Successful business and organizations worldwide, are using smart technologies to prevent the spread of coronavirus, by promotion a touchless access journey, featuring: temperature measurement, sanitization, mask compliance, that integrated with attendance clock and risk assessment technologies, are key to identify and contain potential outbreaks.


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